Remembering An Era

From the past century, there are many artists that have come and gone, from Kurt Cobain to Jimi Hendrix. Well as they say, the good dies young, but what makes up for the great losses we have experienced would be their marvelous works of musical art being left behind for us to enjoy and pass on to the next generation. These legendary people, regardless of their profession: from arts to sports to music, they all deserve the utmost salute and respect that could be mustered as they are the reason that the world possesses some color as it is.

Collecting souvenirs

One of the best things one could do would be to collect little bits and pieces of memories of that pass us by each day. Little souvenirs that one could clung on to relive memories of the past that has flown by in the blink of an eye. These are important to protect and hold on to, it is wonderful to awaken the nostalgia and gaze back into older days when things were different. A signed note from your favorite musical artist from the eighties, or a limited edition women’s football that had provided comfort for years in the past

Or even a simple key chain that you had picked up from a football store all those years ago. These items would take you straight down memory lane and that is a wonderful feeling to experience.

Having a Memory Box

Having a separate container labelled: Memory box, may seem like over doing it but it really is not. You would understand the value of this action only when you actually get to a stage where decades later you suddenly spike up a memory and you just want to touch your old token collection and relish all the old memories. SO one should not be afraid to be a childish and collect all this valuable from his fanatic days and preserve these memories with care and affection.

Sharing them with the future generation

Someday, you need to share this valuable life experiences with future generations, your children, nieces and nephews, they must find out just how amazing the past was. Not so that they would be dragged into older memories, but simply because art should be allowed to be buried and forgotten over time, it needs to always be appreciated as it will forever continue to inspire lives and allow the creation more new artists.